The first touchdown was just a short catch, followed by a long jog Madden nfl 24 Coins. The second was a solid catch inside triple coverage and Cooper was able to get free and used his speed to bring it home. Cooper's been worthy of the first-round draft selection so far, and people like me who thought he wasn't be forced to reconsider their opinions. Even though Cooper has made the offense more efficient and has improved the team's overall performance, I'm not sure Cooper has helped Dak Prescott better.

What Cooper has done is opened the run game little. A patchwork Cowboys offensive line ran the ball very well on Saturday. That used to be their winning formula, and now they're back to it. However, they only have one formula that works. It's not a strategy that will ensure they win in the long term, though.

The biggest thing the Cowboys have to offer is their defense. It's fast. It's physical, and they are able to snare passers. It's the defense that gives them a chance to win every week. I like watching the defense play. They take on the Saints this upcoming Thursday, so they will get an extremely tough test. It will be possible to determine their performance more precisely after the game.

What's to comment on the night's match? The Falcons are bad.

The Falcons make mistakes that other football teams do. They dropped their ball at the 5 yard line twice Cheap Mut 24 Coins, and once in the 20. Matt Ryan threw a tipped pass interception for their fourth loss.